The Penguins

Capguin Scott

Artists Name: James Gemmill

Sponsored By: Tayside Health Fund

James’ design was inspired by the exploits of Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his ship the RRS Discovery. The ship was built in Dundee and carried Scott and his crew on their first expedition to Antarctica. From art and design to scientific and medical research, Dundee is at the forefront of innovation in a number of industries. Captain Scott and the RRS Discovery have come to symbolise the bold, pioneering spirit that is still very much alive in Dundee today.

Sponsored By

Tayside Health Fund is a Registered Scottish Charity (SCO 11042) which supports NHS Tayside hospitals and services. It is supported by donations and legacies from patients, their relatives, the general public and other organisations. The fund makes a big difference to patients and families across Tayside every day- and they is why we are grateful for every single penny which we receive, and we know our patients and their families are too.

Capguin Scott



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