The Penguins

Emperor’s Voyage of Discovery.

Artists Name: Tom Harris-Ward

Sponsored By: Ninja Kiwi

Emperor’s Voyage of Discovery is carved from a glue laminated block of Douglas Fir. The Antarctica shaped inlay in the penguin’s chest is a piece of Teak wood that was salvaged from the RRS Discovery during restoration work. It was part of the original ship and would have been in place during Captain Scott’s voyage to Antarctica 1901-1904.

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Ninja Kiwi is an independent game development and publishing studio with offices in Dundee, Scotland and Auckland, New Zealand. They are creaters of the hit game franchises Bloons Tower Defence, Bloons to Battles and SAS Zombie Assault. Platforms include iOS, Andriod, Steam, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Emperor's Voyage of Discovery.

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