The Penguins


Artists Name: C.Gul

Sponsored By: Apex City Quay Hotel

This design is a combination of Dundee’s 2 most influential birds, the mighty penguin and the cheeky seagull. You are guaranteed to see at least one of them during your time in Dundee! The choice of having the seagulls completely covering or, engulfing, the penguin is a nod to the way Dundonian seagulls will swarm in droves whenever they spot food that has been left unattended. Chip lovers beware!

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This hotel makes the perfect base to explore the city and beyond on the east coast. Facilities include Yu Spa and a Quayside restaurant.

My Friends

Absent Penguin

By Ulrika Kjeldsen


A. Birdie

By Sally Adams



By Yvonne Stewart (Coramantic)


Maggie and Fleur

By Suzanne Scott, WhimSicAL LusH