The Penguins

I Choose Dundee

Artists Name: Charlotte Ross

Sponsored By: Redwood Invercarse

I choose Dundee celebrates the things Charlotte loves about her city. From the wildflower beds at Riverside to the Allotments up Lochee, the beach, the red squirrel sanctuary to the Hyacinth Macaws at Camperdown. It’s the little things. Charlotte is proud to live in such a beautiful city filled with inspiration for her art.

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The Invercarse is the closest hotel to Maggie’s Dundee. One of the most established and locally owned hotels in Dundee. A former mansion house, the history is intriguing, the views are amazing, and the welcome is warm. With 68 bedrooms, a magnificent ballroom, flexible meeting rooms and a stunning restaurant overlooking the Silvery Tay, the hotel is beautifully situated. Complimentary WiFi and ample parking. Open to non-residents for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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