The Penguins

Mr Sofishticated

Artists Name: Lena Kibbler

Sponsored By: Fletcher Group

Lena chose to use black and white for this design as she felt it was the colours most people associated with penguins. The idea was to be all about the penguin and the food he eats with his fish (kipper) tie, his fish jacket and his Krill trousers .He has fish toes as opposed to fish fingers, fish glasses and a fish tail hair style and finally a fish on his belt buckle. This guy loves his fish! I She chose Mr Sofishticated as a pun on his style and appearance.

Sponsored By

Fletcher group of companies operate and manage a modern fleet of Offshore Platform Supply Vessels, employing over 300 people to support all operations. They have earned a reputation for delivering reliable and safe operations to a high-quality standard, enabling them to develop long standing relationships with customers within the Global Offshore Energy Sector.



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