The Penguins

Peacock Penguin (Raine)

Artists Name: Rhiannon Moore (Kitchimama)

Sponsored By: I & H Brown

It was whilst working at an Indian Summer Event, held at the Verdant Works in Dundee, that Rhiannon came up with the initial concept for ‘Peacock Penguin’. She wanted to highlight the rich cultural Heritage of the City and it’s trading links with India (the Peacock being its National Bird). The shape of the Penguin reminded her of a Matryoshka or Russian Stacking Doll, and she felt compelled to combine the essence of this with the iridescence of the Peacock feathers and the Indian inspired Decorative motifs which she researched at the V and A in London. Coming full circle back to Dundee with it’s imminent opening here.

Sponsored By

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Peacock Penguin

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