The Penguins

Penguin Street

Artists Name: Pamela Scott

Sponsored By: Brechin Community

Penguin Street shows a street swirling uphill around the penguin with terraced houses, tenement flats and rooftop silhouettes. The belly of the penguin shows the street during the day and the back and flippers at night.

Pamela has always been fascinated and inspired by cityscapes, skyline silhouettes and architecture and they appear regularly in her work, both real and imagined.

Sponsored By

In the true spirit of community, The Brechin Community Penguin was created to bring a mini parade to the streets of Brechin during this years “Maggie’s Penguin Parade” to support the local Maggie’s Centre in Dundee.

Whether you donated as an individual, a family, a school, a community organisation or a business, thank you for supporting the Brechin Community Penguin.

Penguin Street



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