The Penguins

Peter Panguin

Artists Name: Maureen Crosbie

Sponsored By: Kirrie Community Penguin

Peter Pan was, famously, forever young. For some, however, growing old is far from a certainty. Their lives are cut short and the luxury of eternal youth is denied them. The local community will come together to create this Penguin and remember those who never grew old. Painting individual leaves on Peter’s outfit – the design based on the original Arthur Rackham Peter Pan illustrations – Kirriemuir people will contribute to the finished piece.

Sponsored By

Kirriemuir “The Wee Red Toon” and the Gateway to the Glens is a beautiful town located in Angus, a gem for tourists to visit.
Kirriemuir is famous as the birthplace of Peter Pan author, Sir J M Barrie and ACDC rock legend, Bon Scott.
Visit the museum in the centre of the town to browse the history of Kirrie and find details of the many beautiful walks and heritage trails the town has to offer.



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