The Penguins


Artists Name: Howard Butterworth

Sponsored By: John Clark Motor Group

Poppies are inspirational worldwide as a symbol of hope, peace and remembrance. Howard has drawn on this and the bright summer colours of his garden in Glenmuick. By exaggerating the size of the poppies, the reds have produced a very cheerful image, which is also appropriate to the penguin. Hopefully it will bring some fun into the lives of those people affected by cancer.

Sponsored By

The John Clark Motor Group (JCMG) is a family owned and run business that currently has 33 sites across the North East of Scotland. The company is recognised as one of the top 20 automotive businesses in the UK and its portfolio includes 13 brands including Jaguar, Land Rover, MINI, Audi and BMW, to name a few. Supporting local charity is important to the group, as they really appreciate the difference these institutions can make to people’s lives and it already has a relationship with Maggie’s Aberdeen, having raise funds to support the build of their current facility.

Poppy Penguin

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