The Penguins

Punky Penguin!

Artists Name: Joanna Craig

Sponsored By: James F Stephen Architects

“Inspired to find us, here we be.
Feisty and Colourful, A D.I.Y attitude…
Made in Dundee!
A city full of heroes and voyagers,
of stories, of life, of hardships and triumphs,
So full of Explorers…
Made in Dundee!
A nod to The Discovery;
A Penguin, a Hairpiece,
Sweeping the decks…
Made in Dundee!”

Sponsored By

During 40 years in practice James F Stephen Architects have designed and completed projects- large and small; local and worldwide; and collaborated with international architects. They were executive architects on Maggie’s Dundee which won the ‘BskyB 2004 Best Building in Britain” award and are currently performing a similar role for the V&A Dundee. Our greatest testimony is the number of satisfied clients bringing us repeat business. We have the vision, professional skills and enthusiasm to cater for all types of commissions- from preparing title deed plans, outline design proposals, planning and building warrant submissions, through to complete building projects.

pinky penguin



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