The Penguins

Scotland’s Sunniest City

Artists Name: Infinite Sky

Sponsored By: Forster Group

“Did you know that Dundee gets more hours of sun per year than any other city in Scotland?! Infinite Sky’s design celebrates the iconic sights of this great place, lit in sparkling sunshine.

Proudly displayed on the front of the penguin see Maggies’s Centre, as well as Caird Hall and the majestic RRS Discovery in all her glory.

On the penguin’s back Infinite Sky have illustrated the Law Monument, McManus Galley and Magdalen Green Bandstand with a view to the river. Finally beneath we see the bold, contemporary new V&A building and Dundee’s quintessential Tay Bridge.”

Sponsored By

Forster Group is an award winning, market-leading provider of roofing and solar services to Scottish house builders, public sector and community bodies, social housing landlords, farmers and commercial landlords and tenants. They set the standard for roofing and solar, through their exceptional safety, service, workmanship, and innovation record. Covering one in five of Scotland’s new homes Forster have been leading best practice in pitched roofing for over 25 years.



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