The Penguins

Tiaki the Blue Penguin from New Zealand visits Dundee

Artists Name: Fiona Sutherland & Kim Hippolite

Sponsored By: Simple Minds

“When RRS Discovery stopped in New Zealand on her voyage to Antartica,
Tiaki’s ancestors were there to witness the historic occasion.
From the first time Tiaki heard the stories from his family, he wanted to visit Dundee to see the ship for himself.
He set off wearing his pounamu (greenstone) around his neck, known as Hei Matau in Maori (fish hook) meaning safety when travelling across oceans and respect for the sea.
The design shows his blue coat with a Maori design depicting Koru (spiral) –new beginnings, Mangopare (hammerhead shark) – strength and courage, Puhoru (split koru on the wings)- speed in water.
His Maori name Tiaki means protect, care, save.”

Sponsored By

Simple Minds are delighted to sponsor a pengun in Maggie’s Penguin Parade and asked Scottish artist Fiona Sutherland, who graduated from University of Dundee, to design the penguin for them.
Simple Minds have a new album WALK BETWEEN THE WORLDS released on 2 February 2018 and are playing at Dundee’s Slessor Gardens on Sunday 9 September 2018.



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