The Penguins

Tick Tock

Artists Name: Karen MacAllister

Sponsored By: Wellgate Shopping Centre

Karen’s inspiration for “Tick Tock” is derived from childhood memories visiting the Wellgate clock in the 1980’s with her parents. Large crowds would gather for the magical excitement that the 12 ‘o’ clock chime would bring. The Wellgate clock is nostalgically held in the memories of locals and visitors to Dundee. This icon of Dundee continues to capture the imaginations of children, as well as provide an enduring and ageless memory to adults.

Sponsored By

Wellgate is one of the two main shopping centres located in the city centre of Dundee.  Having originally opened in 1978, the centre comprises three floors, including a food court.Wellgate focuses on a ‘value-led’ offer with a number of high street, national discount retailers, primarily aimed at family audiences. The centre also prides itself as a community hub, working with numerous initiatives and projects ranging from Deaflinks and Welfare Reform to the City Centre Chaplaincy who regularly meet with customers, retail and centre staff with their ‘lend an ear’ work.



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