Teachers Resources

Phew! Well we got there – we hope that you now all have your wee penguins and are getting excited about how you will set about designing them. Huge thanks to you all for supporting Maggie’s by being involved – this genuinely wouldn’t happen without you and of course your pupils and groups.

And so we are here to make sure you have everything you need to make this as fun and worthwhile an experience as possible. With that in mind please allow us to direct you to the Resource Pack below which has information on our learning partners in Dundee and of course details on how best to design and create your sculpture.
A hard copy will be sent to you shortly.

We’d also like to shout out the RZSS/Edinburgh Zoo who have some brilliant penguin resources available through the link below


And offer a Skype in the Classroom – Find out more and book your virtual field trip here!


Also you guys will probably be aware of Twinkl. They have kindly offered a login to allow you guys to download some useful activities from Antarctica Powerpoints to Penguin Rhyme Time. Please sign up here!

We have drawn together some more penguin linked resources, films, activities and stats from around the web. Absolutely look to find your own – honestly check out pintrest! – and feel free to share.

Have fun guys!